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The Beginning

VOKA is a company created  on the foundation of delivering sustainable  environmentally responsible goods to eco-consious consumers. We design our produts in Australia and seek to support and work with other chapmions of sustainability.

The Ocean Conservancy fights tirelessly to clean our oceans of litter.   Thanks to Voka's commitment to the Ocean Conservancy Champions for Seachange program, choosing the Areca mask means you're reducing your single use mask waste, as well as the impact of others.

Our Strength

With the onset of the CoronaVirus COVID-19, the Voka team have released the Areca with a reusable filter, designed to be washable to reduce waste and offer better long term value over this potentially long crisis.
In addition to this, the Areca filter does not use N95 material which is much needed in the medical sector, and rather, uses advanced Antimicrobial media to reduce bacterial organisms and microbes ability to live on the filter.

Our Ocean

Upon seeing the immense amount of waste created by disposable masks through the current Covid crisis, Voka has made it part of our mission to help reduce ocean waste. By supporting Ocean conservancy  Voka will be directly  removing waste from the ocean whilst also providing high quality alternatives to disposable products 

Our Journey

The Areca was named after the Areca Palm, a tree that is known for its efficiency in producing oxygen while absorbing pollutants. Areca helps you to breathe clean.

At Voka we believe that wearing a mask is the smart choice, and we don’t believe this needs to be a hardship, in either comfort, or style. So from the team at Voka Australia, Enjoy your Areca, the Smart Mask.