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The Mask helping reduce ocean waste

Our Factory and Materials are responsibly chosen, ensuring quality without compromising people or planet

We’re proud to Support Ocean Conservancy, a BBB accredited charity and Earthshare member, so by choosing Voka, you’re supporting waste reduction in our Oceans

Our materials and finishes are designed and tested for the ultimate in performance and comfort

VOKA is a brand created on the foundation of delivering ethical, sustainable, environmentally responsible goods. We design our products in Australia, and are proud to roll out the Areca Mask which supports the great work of The Ocean Conservancy reducing waste in our oceans, including disposable masks as a result of the COVID crisis.

Wear The Way You Want

Multiple strap configurations allow you to adapt the Areca to your needs in 4 different ways.

Whether you want to wear the mask for 5 minutes or 5 hours there are 4 different way to wear the Areca comfortably and reduce strain on ears for long usage periods. 

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Proudly supporting Ocean Conservancy to reduce ocean litter through Fighting for Trash Free Seas® program.

In The Past Year Ocean Asia Surveyed A 100m Stretch Of Beach And Found No Less Than 70 Masks Washed Up

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Stay Fresh

Voka mask's twin-core antimicrobial Agion® filter with Silver Ion technology inactivates microbes to prevent build up over time. Keep it fresh!

Breathe Easy,
Valve Free

Voka is valve free. Choosing no valve reduces the amount of air expelled without passing through the antibacterial filter.

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Stay Dry

The outer filter layer of the Voka mask is a water repelling polyester that has been AATCC 22 water spray tested.

Such water repellency is designed to reduce the penetration by droplets and associated wetting of the material.

Reduce your disposable mask waste & help Ocean Conservancy reduce others. 

1 Voka filter can replace up to 100 disposable masks which would otherwise end up in landfills or in the sea.

In the past year Ocean Asia surveyed a 100m stretch of beach and found no less than 70 masks washed up

University College London estimates the yearly demand of disposable facemasks soaring to 25 billion, in the UK alone

The Ocean Conservancy fights tirelessly to clean our oceans of litter. With Voka's commitment to the Ocean Conservancy Champions for Seachange program, choosing the Areca mask means you're reducing your single use mask waste, as well as the impact of others.  

Reduce Waste, Not Quality

The responsibly produced Areca media have been lab tested
showing they maintain antibacterial efficacy even after 30 washes.

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The Ultimate in comfort

4 Ways to wear and our smooth cotton inner

gives you all day comfort.